In one tweet, here’s why Apple will be happy to watch the iPhone 6 kill the iPad Mini

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By Jay Yarow, Business Insider

Source: VentureBeat

Health hacks to fight against the next global pandemic

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By Tharum Bun

Source: Tech in Asia

Here’s Why Tim Cook Is Upbeat On iPads Despite Its Shrinking Sales

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By Eugene Kim

Source: Business Insider

Verisign Healthy Financials Show .COM/.NET Demand Slowing

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Source: DomainNews

You Might Think A Fox-Time Warner Deal Just Isn't Going To Happen...

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By Henry Blodget

Source: Business Insider

Premiere automotive school in PH focuses on e-learning

By Mark Angelo Ching

Source: TechView Asia

Google's New Genetic Study Wants To Define What A 'Healthy Human' Looks Like

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By Karyne Levy

Source: Business Insider

Kamcord introduces network for gamers to gather, share their mobile gameplay videos

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By Jeffrey Grubb

Source: VentureBeat

Jimmy Kimmel Told People A $20 Casio Is An Apple Smartwatch, And They Totally Believed Him

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By Karyne Levy

Source: Business Insider

Stephen Colbert drills VC Tim Draper about his ‘Six Californias’ plan (video)

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By Tom Cheredar

Source: VentureBeat

Women Use Pinterest, But They Don’t Run It

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By Cat Zakrzewski

Source: TechCrunch

Aussie Thongs Crowdfunding Campaign Raises $10,000 in Hour

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By Jenni Ryall

Source: Mashable

The Fabulous Life Of Sir Jony Ive, The Genius Behind Apple's Design

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By Sam Colt

Source: Business Insider

Here’s Yammer co-founder David Sacks’ goodbye memo to Microsofties

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By Jordan Novet

Source: VentureBeat

The Main Hook For These Two Social Networks Is Making You Money

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By Joey Cosco

Source: Business Insider