London’s Mayor Misses Window To Spend £50M On Startup Building

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By Mike Butcher

Source: TechCrunch

Flickr Rolls Out A New Commercial Licensing Program To Compete With 500px And Others

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By Sarah Perez

Source: TechCrunch

Mozilla: We're keeping the Beard – Brendan Eich successor now permanent pick

By Jasper Hamill

Source: The Register

The making of Sledgehammer Games and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (exclusive)

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By Dean Takahashi

Source: VentureBeat

SolarReserve Wins Deal In El Salvador

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Source: socalTECH

Prepare For Emergencies Through Crowdsourcing

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By Julian Chokkattu

Source: TechCrunch

Cybersecurity firm ThetaRay raises $10M to develop a U.S. presence

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By Ruth Reader

Source: VentureBeat

How To Use Content To Drive Your Sales Funnel

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By Guest Post

Source: KillerStartups

Here are 10 of the best practices for pitching to the media and blogosphere

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By Ezra Ferraz

Source: Tech in Asia

How To Use Excel Pivot Tables To Analyze Massive Data Sets

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By Sara Silverstein

Source: Business Insider

New Latvian VC FlyCap leads Mailigen's $500 000 Seed Fund for advanced Email Marketing

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By Rafael Lemarchand

Source: ArcticStartup

The inevitable “Uber for pot” app is here

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By David Holmes

Source: PandoDaily

RudeVC summer reading list 2014

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By Mark Bivens

Source: Rude Baguette

Coversocial now integrates with Instagram to give potential customers some love

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By Ruth Reader

Source: VentureBeat

A Female Entrepreneur Describes How A Male VC Tried To Turn Her Meeting Into A Date

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By Lisa Eadicicco

Source: Business Insider