On-Demand delivery service TokTokTok raising upwards of €20 Million

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By Liam Boogar

Source: Rude Baguette

Venture-Backed Startup Helijia Gets Your Nails Done On-Demand

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By Rita Liao

Source: TechNode

Pogoseat Gets $2.3M

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Source: socalTECH

[Interview] WePopp CEO and Cofounder Julien Hobeika introduces their new ‘scheduling made easy’ app WeTime

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By Trista Bridges

Source: Rude Baguette

Paidy’s service will be a digital credit card for Japanese online shoppers, and it’s $3.3M richer

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By Kia Kokalitcheva

Source: VentureBeat

LEAKED: A Gold iPhone 6 Is Coming With A New Apple Logo Design On The Back (AAPL)

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By Jim Edwards

Source: Business Insider

Two STL Accelerator Programs Set To Receive Financial Boost

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By Samuel Weigley

Source: Techli


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By Beta List

Source: Beta List

Japanese team to pitch connected stuffed toy at Imagine Cup world finals

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By Masaru Ikeda

Source: The Bridge

Startup of the Week: Runnit are rewarding you for being active

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By Dylan Baker

Source: Tech City News

Marinanow is like the Airbnb for boats and raised €370k to explore an uncharted market

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By Aviva Gat

Source: GeekTime

BaubleBar Raises $10 Million For Its “Fast Fashion” Jewelry Business

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By Sarah Perez

Source: TechCrunch

SA Companies Adopting ‘Tap-n-Go’ Cashless Payment Systems

By Sam Wakoba

Source: TechMoran

Fly Or Die: Tinder Moments

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By Jordan Crook

Source: TechCrunch

CrowdCurity Raises $1 Million to Crowdsource Security for Bitcoin Startups

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By Greg Anderson

Source: ArcticStartup