Y Combinator’s Sam Altman Insists “Sexism in Tech Is Real” 

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By Kira M. Newman

Source: Tech Cocktail

Forgot About Dre? Not us. Euro bods give nod to Apple and Beats deal

By Jasper Hamill

Source: The Register

London to pioneer 5G technology says Boris Johnson

By Dylan Baker

Source: Tech City News

Uber Unleashes A New Car Service To Fit Six People

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By Rebecca Borison

Source: Business Insider

BTC China Upgrades Mobile App with New Trading Pairs, Live Charts

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By Jon Southurst

Source: CoinDesk

How The iWatch Could Be Apple's Secret Weapon For Mobile Payments (AAPL)

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By Lisa Eadicicco

Source: Business Insider

The Inside Story Of 'Timberman,' The Viral Tree-Chopping Arcade Game Whose Creator Still Can't Afford The Train Into Work

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By Steven Tweedie

Source: Business Insider

ClassWallet Is Bringing Classroom Money Management To A School Near You

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By Sam O'Keefe

Source: TechCrunch

Pogoseat Raises $2.3 Million To Offer Discounted Seat Upgrades At Sporting Events

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By Ryan Lawler

Source: TechCrunch

As outrage grows, Reason editor rejects proof, denies that magazine denied the holocaust

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By Paul Carr

Source: PandoDaily

NPR One Delivers A Curated Public Radio Stream For The Smartphone Era

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By Darrell Etherington

Source: TechCrunch

Drum roll, please... Here are all 56 Silicon Prairie Awards finalists

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By Silicon Prairie News

Source: Silicon Prairie News

The Beautiful Game Just Got Its Own Meme Generator

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By Steve O'Hear

Source: TechCrunch

Two Other New gTLDs Delegated : .ONG and .WilliamHill

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Source: DomainNews

The TouchPico Projector Turns Any Surface Into A Giant Android Touchscreen

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By Kyle Russell

Source: TechCrunch