Here’s how one e-commerce company increased purchase conversions by 20%

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By VentureBeat Staff

Source: VentureBeat

New Report Shows Edward Snowden Is Seriously Damaging U.S. Tech Firms

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By Eugene Kim

Source: Business Insider

Attackers have breached Tor’s system to reveal the identities of its users

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By David Holmes

Source: PandoDaily

Google Eviction Specialist Refuses to Be Served Lawsuit

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By Kevin Montgomery

Source: Valleywag

Patrick Byrne: Overstock Exploring Block Chain-Based Public Stock Offering

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By Pete Rizzo

Source: CoinDesk

Israeli Army Member Crowdfunded Battle Gear for Urban Warfare

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By Nitasha Tiku

Source: Valleywag

Here's The Top LinkedIn Tip From Its Director Of Product Management

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By Jillian D’Onfro

Source: Business Insider

Xbox Live is down for some Xbox One owners — Microsoft is working on a fix

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By Jeffrey Grubb

Source: VentureBeat

Titanfall’s ‘no servers found’ issue affecting players — Microsoft is working on a fix (update)

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By Jeffrey Grubb

Source: VentureBeat

Apple TV launches channel in Brazil

Source: ZDNet

A Small Town in Tennessee Has The Big Cable Companies Terrified

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By Joey Cosco

Source: Business Insider

How An Oil Engineer Discovered Auto-Tune And Changed The Music Industry Forever

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By Frank Pallotta and Gus Lubin

Source: Business Insider

The Philips Hue Tap Proves An Elegant Accessory For Connected Smart Lights

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By Darrell Etherington

Source: TechCrunch

My Big Break: How Brian Lee cold-called Robert Shapiro and turned him into a co-founder

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By Paul Carr

Source: PandoDaily

Freak’n Genius Moves Their ‘Make Fun of Everything’ Startup to Vegas

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By Will Schmidt

Source: Tech Cocktail