Proteus Digital Health Grabs $172M

Source: VC News Daily

Bitcoins Affected by New York’s BitLicense May Trade at Discount

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By Jon Matonis

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j2 Global Buys Contactology

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ViaSat Buys Gray Labs

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Ex-Zynga Developers Land $2.5 Million For New Studio JuiceBox Games

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By Jonathan Shieber

Source: TechCrunch

McKean Defense In San Diego Expansion

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In Singapore, tech-savvy gang members use Facebook to find new blood

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By Daniel Tay

Source: Tech in Asia

Is this the next SaaS unicorn? Invoca grows 1200% in 3 years by solving Salesforce’s biggest blind spot

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By Michael Carney

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Big Data innovator Expernova wins the ‘Worldwide Innovation Challenge’

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By Trista Bridges

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Branding the Chinese government

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By Andrew Collins

Source: Tech in Asia

Klash is back. And ready to klash you with new features.

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By Felicitas Hackmann

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Twitter's Stock Is Going Bonkers This Morning (TWTR)

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By Jay Yarow

Source: Business Insider

Do Indian Multi-Channel Networks Present An Investment Opportunity For Global Media Companies?

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By Guest Author

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This new Japanese billionaire wants to nurture the domestic startup ecosystem (#StartupAsia preview)

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By J.T. Quigley

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Office Crate

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By Beta List

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