PayPal rebrands Bill Me Later as PayPal Credit, businesses already borrowing over $150M

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By Devindra Hardawar

Source: VentureBeat

Xiaomi’s One More Thing

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By Matt Burns

Source: TechCrunch

The Vocca Light Switch Is A Modern-Day Clapper

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By Jordan Crook

Source: TechCrunch

This Window Can Transform Your Apartment Into A Tropical Oasis

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By Rebecca Borison

Source: Business Insider

HTC Is About To Turn The Best Android Phone In The World Into A Windows Phone Too

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By Lisa Eadicicco

Source: Business Insider

Pinterest acquires and discontinues content organization service Icebergs 

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By Josh Ong

Source: The Next Web

Beyond Meat Gets Series D

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Source: socalTECH

Twitter joins deep learning trend, acquires Madbits

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By Alexia LaFata

Source: VentureBeat

Apple’s Latest Acquisition Has Officially Shut Down Its Radio Service (AAPL)

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By Dave Smith

Source: Business Insider


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By Beta List

Source: Beta List

Gone app helps you sell your belongings without a yard sale

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By Krystle Vermes

Source: VentureBeat

This Is What A Bigger iPhone 6 Could Look Like In Gold And Gray (AAPL)

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By Lisa Eadicicco

Source: Business Insider

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Resurgence Of Minimalist Design

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By Guest Post

Source: KillerStartups

Bitcoin Foundation Unveils New Consumer-Friendly Website

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By Stan Higgins

Source: CoinDesk

This adapter can voice-activate any lightbulb

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By Jon Christian

Source: VentureBeat