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By Beta List

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ICANN: Board Extends Term of President And CEO Fadi Chehadé

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ICANN Approves Name Collision Occurrence Management Framework | Special IP Address ( Alerts System Administrators of Potential Issue

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ICANN: Join Us for a Webinar on the Name Collision Occurrence Management Framework

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ICANN Approves Investment Policy Statement Update for 2014

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Tech start-up of the week: 3funnel

Source: Silicon Republic

I’m not making this up: Secret’s PR head complains about people writing horrible things without accountability

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By Paul Carr

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8 Securities raises $9M series B round, launches automated wealth management service

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By David Corbin

Source: Tech in Asia

Kabam’s worldwide studios chief quits to join Japan’s Gree

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By Dean Takahashi

Source: VentureBeat

This 5-week workshop should give Europe lots more data scientists

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By Jordan Novet

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Google's mysterious floating techno barge SOLD FOR SCRAP

By Neil McAllister

Source: The Register

Microsoft May Be Readying A New Service Called Sway

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By Ingrid Lunden

Source: TechCrunch

10 Hoop Stars You Need To Know In Tech

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By Eugene Kim

Source: Business Insider

Apple ebook price-fix row: Stiffed readers inch closer to $450m windfall

By Shaun Nichols

Source: The Register

Secret founder doesn’t care if teenagers kill themselves, as long as they don’t cause him a PR headache

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By Paul Carr

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