Report: Beats' Ian Rogers To Head Up iTunes Radio

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Y Combinator Mixes In Smoothie Startup LivBlends

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By Sarah Buhr

Source: TechCrunch

Eaze Promises Pot Delivery Anywhere In San Francisco

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By Sarah Buhr

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IPO+M&A Watch: Mobileye, Synchrony, Apple

By Red Herring Editorial Team

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Kabam raises $120m in funding from Alibaba – Investment Round Up

By Red Herring Editorial Team

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Beats Music rebrand on the way? CEO Ian Rogers to lead Apple’s iTunes Radio

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By Tom Cheredar

Source: VentureBeat

Beats' Subscription Music Guru Will Now Run iTunes Radio At Apple (AAPL)

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By Sam Colt

Source: Business Insider

Bitcoin Foundation Urges Court to Dismiss Charge in Florida LocalBitcoins Case

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By Pete Rizzo

Source: CoinDesk

Feds allege HP stiffed them for millions over botched tech contract

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By Richard Byrne Reilly

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Microsoft Sues Samsung, Saying Samsung Has Stopped Paying Android Royalty Fees It Agreed To (MSFT)

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By Steve Kovach

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Michael Malone: “In fifteen years, the face of Silicon Valley will be an Indian woman”

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By Sarah Lacy

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Increasing Your Global Perspective

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By Douglas Magazine

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Settle raises $1.5M to let you pick up the check at restaurants on mobile

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By Kia Kokalitcheva

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Co-Founder Kathy Chan Steps Back At 137 Ventures, Becomes An Operating Partner At Khosla

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By Anthony Ha

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These Guys Raised $7 Million To Create A Calendar App That Thinks For You

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By Steven Tweedie

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