RockYou Raises $10M In Debt As It Shifts To Buying And Monetizing Existing Games

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By Anthony Ha

Source: TechCrunch

Hey procrastinators: Timeful’s new iOS app will help you manage your time

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By Kia Kokalitcheva

Source: VentureBeat

RockYou raises $10M to give old games a second life

By Steven Loeb

Source: VatorNews

Reward community SwagBucks acquires SodaHead

By Steven Loeb

Source: VatorNews

Refresh Updates Its Mobile Dossier App And Adds A Web View

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By Ryan Lawler

Source: TechCrunch

Distiller is now a social network for whisky lovers

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By Paul Sawers

Source: The Next Web

Report: Apple Cutting Beats Staff

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Source: socalTECH

The online freelancing industry in the Philippines is bullish and shows no signs of slowing

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By Ezra Ferraz

Source: Tech in Asia

Insights: Amidst Change is a Constant: Life is Still Two-Way

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Source: socalTECH

Closely Is Another Way To Keep Tabs On Where Your Close Buddies Are At

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By Natasha Lomas

Source: TechCrunch

Invoca Trumpets Sales Figures

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Source: socalTECH

Facebook launches mobile app in Zambia with free Internet access

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By Kia Kokalitcheva

Source: VentureBeat

Dad Says His 6-Year-Old Daughter 'Built A Better Product Than Google' (GOOG)

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By Caroline Moss

Source: Business Insider

When will Equity Crowdfunding take flight?

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By Liam Boogar

Source: Rude Baguette

BlackLine Reports 60 Percent Rise In Revenues

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Source: socalTECH