Even Comic-Con Has Banned Google Glass

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By Kevin Montgomery

Source: Valleywag

Tinder Is Full of Robot Prostitutes

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By Gabriel Luis Manga

Source: Valleywag

Pixels.com Launches New iPad App

Source: socalTECH

Facebook's blockbuster earnings call yesterday was a testament to the money-making power of advertis

By Nitasha Tiku

Source: Valleywag

Lawn Love Wants To Bring The Whole “Software Eating The World” Thing To Your Own Backyard

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By Colleen Taylor

Source: TechCrunch

Fixed Raises $1.2 Million For A Mobile App That Fights Your Parking Tickets For You

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By Sarah Perez

Source: TechCrunch

The favorite business books of Charles von Abercron and Jan Beckers

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By contact@bcurdy.com

Source: EU-Startups

Native advertising remains an awkward — but very necessary — mess

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By James Robinson

Source: PandoDaily

Microsoft Brings OneNote To Amazon’s Android App Store

By Alex Wilhelm

Source: TechCrunch

Who Are The Best PR People In The Tech Industry In 2014? We're Seeking Nominations

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By Julie Bort

Source: Business Insider

Feds bust India-based ‘tech support’ scam ring for fleecing Americans

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By Richard Byrne Reilly

Source: VentureBeat

Flipkart To Acquire Ngpay?

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By Ashish Sinha

Source: NextBigWhat

Tracking Movers & Shakers: Tackling Human Resources News Classification

By Bugra Akyildiz

Source: CB Insights

Entrepreneurship in Quebec Over the Last 20 Years and What the Future Holds

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By Techvibes NewsBite

Source: Techvibes

Zillow Reportedly Trying To Acquire Trulia

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By Sam Ro

Source: Business Insider